Man Arrested on Several Charges in Midland

Man Arrested on Several Charges in Midland

Staff Report
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MIDLAND - Giving a fake name, running from police then getting busted with drugs led to one man getting thrown in jail.

Midland Police pulled over Joseph Dunson for not having taillights.

According to the report, Dunson didn't have a driver's license.

He told police his name was Joe Johnson, then Joseph Johnson.

Nothing showed up so police told Dunson he would be arrested if he didn't give them his real name.

The report says that's when Dunson hit the gas pedal.

Police chased him and then Dunson got out and bailed on foot.

Officers caught up with him and say they found a plastic baggie of crack cocaine in his pocket.

To make matters worse, Dunson had four warrants out for his arrest.