New Texting and Driving App Allows Teens to "Drive Safe"

New Texting and Driving App Allows Teens to "Drive Safe"

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Many parents want their teens to stop texting and driving. Well now there's an app for that, it's called DriveSafe. It completely disables your teens phone once they reach their designated speed.

The idea came about by an Odessa man that figured out a way to keep teen drivers safer on the roads. He created a texting and driving app that is different from any other app out there.

Chris Wray, co-developer of the app, said, "We wanted to save teenage drivers lives and so we got to thinking what could we do to limit the amount of teenage drivers that are dying on our roads every week from distracted driving, whether it be they're posting on Facebook while driving, taking selfies or texting and driving."

As a State Farm agent full-time, Chris Wray and two of his clients, Josh and Misty Keyes wanted to do something that would ensure teen safety out on the road.

"We developed an app that would lock the phone going over a certain mile per hour. It's up to the app purchaser, they can set what mile per hour threshold they want. Whenever they're above that, they can't mess with their phone, it locks up and it doesn't work," said Wray.

Drive Safe immediately kicks in once you've reached the mile per hour threshold and you only make or receive calls from those listed on your emergency contact list while the car is in motion. 

"There's five emergency phone calls. You can set whoever emergency contacts you want to be able to reach through at any time," said Wray.

The app isn't free but Wray says that the lives that it could potentially save are worth the money.

"It is three dollars on the Google Play store. We did that so people would have some buy in and some ownership of it to actually use it how it's intended and it's not available on the IPhone because Apple does not allow for any interference with the phone," said Wray.

The app was just launched on Google Play earlier this month and the creators say that if the app saves just one life, their work has been done.