Teen Attacks His Mother, Runs Off With Her Pills

Teen Attacks His Mother, Runs Off With Her Pills

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HOBBS, N.M. - A teen is behind bars for attacking his mother and running off with her pills in Hobbs.

According to the complaint, 19-year-old Jacob Powell showed up at his mother's house.

He asked for some hydrocodone pills and she said no.

Police say Powell grabbed her purse and the two got in a scuffle.

He got a hold of them, started to walk out and that's when his mother blocked his way.

The report says Powell pushed her in the chest and knocked her down but she got right back up.

He pushed her again and ran off with her cell phone.

Police spotted Powell a short time later and arrested him.

When questioned by officers, he denied taking the pills but eventually admitted to it.

If that's wasn't bad enough, police say Powell had a stolen gun on him.

Powell claims the gun didn't belong to him and that he needed her mother's cell phone because he needed to call his girlfriend for a ride.