Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges After Throwing Two Dogs Into Traffic

Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges After Throwing Two Dogs Into Traffic

Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A disturbing case of animal cruelty out of Midland. A man was accused of tossing two dogs into a busy street near the 400 block of W. Texas Ave. Now, the Midland Police Department is speaking out to raise awareness about the seriousness of animal cruelty.

Officer Brad Robertson was able to rescue one of the puppies after receiving a call from a witness who saw the dogs being abused.

"The witness said that she had stopped, the other cars stopped and they thought that he was trying to get the dogs out of the road. But he actually walked up to one of the trucks and slammed the puppy into the side of the car," said Robertson.

Both puppies were left unharmed but police were only able to rescue one.

"We were able to get the puppy, the other one didn't want to come with us and ran off before we could get animal control out there," said Robertson.

Officials say that the man who did this, Ernesto Aranda Jr., didn't seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol but he may have had mental issues. He was arrested and is now facing animal cruelty charges.

"It's a Class A Misdemeanor so it's one penalty class below a felony," said Robertson.

Police say instead of dropping pets off in the streets, it's best to take the animal to a rescue shelter.

"If you don't want to deal with animals, call animal control. There's a lot of resources as far as rescues that you can get in touch with. They're pretty quick to get adopted," said Robertson.

Many NewsWest 9 viewers have contacted us wanting to adopt the puppy but she may already have a new home.

"Usually what we'll do is take it to the pound, but I believe one of our officers wants to adopt the animal, so we may have a rescue here," said Robertson.

If you witness animal cruelty in your area, you're encouraged to call 9-1-1 or you can call the Midland Police Department non-emergency hotline at 432-685-7110.