Parents Furious Over Instagram Pages Posting Fight Videos of Underage Students

Parents Furious Over Instagram Pages Posting Fight Videos of Underage Students

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - It's a shocking discovery by local parents. Instagram pages are posting fight videos of underage students. One page even has more than 6,000 members.

Parents heard about these Instagram fight pages from their kids. Most were afraid to even look, thinking they would see their child in the videos.

"I was like, 'Oh my gosh! What are the parents going to think if they see their children fighting?'" said parent, Alejandra Soto.

We found three local Instagram pages dedicated to posting fight videos of students. Alamo_fights, odessa_midland_fights and abell_fights.

Parents are furious.

"They shouldn't be recording that stuff. They should be studying or at least putting positive things on the Internet. What are they doing with their time? They should be putting their attention into something positive," said a concerned resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

"I think they should think twice, because for everything there's a consequence. If you're just standing by letting that happen, you will get in trouble too," said Soto.

Mike Adkins, Spokesman for ECISD, says for fights on campus, those involved and the person recording the video will face consequences.

Jeff Horner, Executive Director of Secondary Education at MISD, says consequences start with out-of-school suspension, then students go to the Alternative Placement Center. He also says in some of the Abell fight videos, the school has dealt with students involved.

Under the community guidelines on Instagram, it reads, "It's never OK to encourage violence or attack anyone..."

School administrators asks parents if they spot any similar activity, report it to the school immediately.

"We're not that busy as parents. We can have time to talk to our kids and tell them what's right and what's wrong," Soto said.

"With this, we'll start seeing even younger kids doing the same things, uploading these same videos," said the concerned resident.

The main number to ECISD is 432-456-0000, MISD's is 432-240-1000.