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Electric Company Providing New Equipment to Odessa College Students

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ODESSA - An electric company is teaming up with Odessa College to help their industrial technology students.

Lincoln Electric has signed an agreement with the school to provide new and better equipment to the students in the program annually for the next three years.

It's all part of the company's advanced processes lab at the campus.

The deal will prove to be very beneficial for students because the program's current budget only allows for the purchase of one or two pieces of equipment each year.

The new equipment costs about $100,000 or more.

The Department Chair of the Industrial Technology program says the agreement will help the students get ahead in the workplace.

“They will know how to use the new equipment, where the people that are working out there now, they may not. So when they buy new equipment at different industries and places, our students will know how to run it,” said James Mosman, Department Chair of Industrial Technology at Odessa College.

The program also allows the company to have access to classrooms.

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