Homeowner Sets Up Surveillance Camera, Catches Burglar

Homeowner Sets Up Surveillance Camera, Catches Burglar

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Jimmy Lopez is on door number three after a robber has kicked down his back door two other times. "He came in our house, broke our door and took a lot of my kid's belongings,their gaming systems," Lopez said.

After the second break-in in March, he decided to install a surveillance camera and a security system. When the third robbery happened on Tuesday, they finally got a look at the suspect.

"We got a little image of him which is a big relief because I know it's not a neighbor or a friend of mine or anything," Lopez said.

The suspect took off with various items, from a laptop charger and a watch, to sunglasses and video games. Lopez says his neighbor's home in the 1500 block of Marienfeld was also broken into about a month ago. He also says that each of the burglaries have happened in broad daylight.

"What if my wife is home because she takes days off? My kids? And I'm not here and he's just trying not to get caught. You know, I don't want nothing to happen, that's my biggest fear," Lopez said.

Lopez is now working on getting enough signatures on his petition to start a crime watch program with his neighborhood so that something like this doesn't happen again.

"I know everyone has kids and families, I just don't want nothing to happen to anyone else with them being alone or anything like that," Lopez said.

The suspect is believed to be driving an older model 4-door Caprice Classic with chrome rims. If you know anything about this crime, please call the Midland Police Department.