Man Impersonating Odessa Police Officer

Man Impersonating Odessa Police Officer

By: Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A man is going around Odessa pretending to be a cop. Police say he has flashing lights on his car attempting to make traffic stops.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Odessa residents to find out what they would do when being pulled over by an unmarked car. We also spoke to the Odessa Police Department to find out what you should do.

"I don't think I'd pull over. I think I would just drive to the police station," said Odessa resident Connie Burleson.

Hobbs resident, Lalo Garcia agreed, saying, "Just keep on going, unless the vehicle has got markings from some kind of law enforcement, I wouldn't stop for it."

"You might want to pull over where there's a lot of people around," said Diamond Garcia.

"I'd stop, I'd probably call 911," said Austin Eckel.

The Odessa Police Department says if you're pulled over by a suspicious vehicle with flashing lights, there are a couple of options to keep you safe.

Cpl. Steve LeSueur, with the Odessa Police Department, said, "Do not stop. Especially if he gets out of the vehicle and you can see he's not in uniform and he doesn't have a badge. You can drive to the police station, call 911 to verify the stop to make sure it's legit."

Officials say you can also ask the person for their badge number and call 911 who can verify whether or not the they are an active officer with the Odessa Police Department.

"Just remember your rights, you don't have to do anything you're not required to," said Austin Eckel.

"If you don't trust it, if you don't trust your gut instinct, if it looks suspicious, then don't do it," said Connie Burleson.

Police are still searching for the suspect. He was described as a Hispanic male with a thick accent driving a white Ford Explorer or Expedition with flashing lights.

He has been stopping people in Odessa on near Grandview and Dixie between 8th and 42nd Street. Police also say that he has been targeting women who are alone. 

Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect or on the vehicle to call the Odessa Police Department or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.