City of Pecos: Solution on the Horizon for Slow Trash Pickup

City of Pecos: Solution on the Horizon for Slow Trash Pickup

Alicia Neaves
Newswest 9

PECOS - Some people in Pecos are dealing with a smelly problem. Trash is overflowing dumpsters, swarmed with flies. Some say their garbage hasn't been picked up for three weeks.

"There's a lot of problems with the roads, with the trash, with the flies. That's enough!" said one Pecos resident who wished to remain anonymous.

When some Pecos residents take out the trash, they're greeted with an eyesore. A smelly one. The city says come the end of May, this problem should no longer exist.

"They've been taking care of it once a week, but lately they haven't done it. I don't know why," said Pecos resident, Bonifacio Natividad.

Residents say the trash has been bad before, but never like this.

"We're tired of it. The flies are always inside the house and animals are running all over the place. There are rats, and it's about to get hotter. That's what's worse," said a Pecos resident

Some residents say they've waited three weeks for an empty dumpster.

"I've got a spray that I spray all this with and it kills all insects. Spiders, flies. It hasn't bugged me on the fly part of it, but it has with the sight of it," said Pecos resident, James Thomas.

Gary Rumbaugh, the Public Works Director for the City of Pecos, says they ordered a trash truck a year ago. It didn't get delivered on time, which put the city in a bind. Until recently, the city was only working with one garbage truck.

"We have these three trucks currently. 2011 and two of them that are 2006. The two trucks that are 2006, they broke down. That's the problem that we have now," Rumbaugh said.

In the meantime, other city crews are helping fill the void, as workers manually pick up the trash and load it up in trailers.

After putting in an order for three new trucks, the city hopes the trash problem will be solved for good within the next couple of weeks.

"By the end of May or so, everything should work out great where we'll have the three new trucks running. Plus we'll have our three old ones which will be running also, and they'll be used as backup," said Rumbaugh.