Democratic House Technicality Halts 'Open Carry' For Now

Democratic House Technicality Halts 'Open Carry' For Now

By Eva Ruth Moravec and Will Weissert
Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Democratic state lawmakers have used a technical objection to temporarily derail a high-profile push to overturn Texas' post-Civil War ban on the open carry of handguns.

The measure had been poised for House approval Tuesday.

Since a similar measure already cleared the Senate, it would have been an important step toward making Texas the nation's largest state to legalize wearing weapons in plain sight.

But San Antonio Democratic Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer objected, citing House rules. The bill was suspended on a technicality.

Despite its gun-loving reputation, Texas is just one of six states that don't already allow license holders to carry guns - either holstered on hips or otherwise visible.

The issue will soon make its way back to the House floor, but the timing wasn't immediately clear.