City of Andrews Spending Millions To Repair Reliever Route

City of Andrews Spending Millions To Repair Reliever Route

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - It's been almost a year since the City of Andrews was forced to close down their reliever route after the asphalt started melting. But the town is expected to finally start repairs in May.

"It's a pretty easy thing to see looking at the route that it failed and it didn't meet anyone's expectations," said Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler.

It was only months after the route opened when the city was forced to shut it down. It's a mistake the city said they're not happy with. However, the City of Andrews is trying to move forward. Starting next month a new contractor will begin repairing the road.

"They're going to stabilize the base with cement and add hot mix to the surface. It will be a really robust and strong design that will support the traffic," Hackler said.

The repairs won't be cheap. Hackler explained that after the failed first attempt, fixing the route is costing millions of more dollars.

"The new construction is 12.9 million so It's slightly more than the original design. It brings the total price tag to about 25 million dollars for the entire project."

The city is now in litigation with Delhur Industries, the original contractors of the route. Andrews is expecting to get money back and that will go towards the new design.

"We just know that we spent a lot of money to have something properly done and it didn't happen that way," Hackler added.

The new and improved route is expected to re-open by December of this year.