U.S., Mexico Officials' Conservation Initiatives For Big Bend and Rio Bravo

U.S., Mexico Officials' Conservation Initiatives For Big Bend and Rio Bravo

By Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

BIG BEND - Officials from the U.S. and Mexico came together Friday morning at the Boquillas Port of Entry to discuss new conservation initiatives for Big Bend National Park/Rio Bravo. Officials from both sides of the border showed great excitement when revealing their plan to protect the regions bio-diverse environment.

Will Hurd, U.S. Representative District 24, said, "Being here in Boquillas is important. I think this is a perfect example of how our two countries can cooperate together and focus on the things that we agree on. Protecting a natural resource for future generations."

Officials say that the Big Bend/Rio Bravo region is one of the most bio-diverse wildlife parks in the world.

Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, said, "We have great bio diversity here. We know that many species are dependent on each other. Thanks to all the good work across the border, which has been many months of collaboration with governments and academic experts from Mexico and the United States, we now know what areas need protection."

Some of the areas the Commission for Environmental Cooperation aim to protect are mountain, grassland and aquatic habitats in Big Bend/Rio Bravo which makes the Boquillas port of entry so important.

"One of things that the opening of the Boquillas checkpoint has allowed is from both sides Mexico and the United States to go back and forth and work together to collaborate on issues that are important to both countries. So this cooperation is so important in how we continue to make sure we have these resources for future generations and they can enjoy them the same way past generations did," said Hurd.

By Mexico and the United States improving border relations, officials say many important issues can and will be resolved.

Juan Jose Guerra Abud, Mexican Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, said, "We have to improve the quality of transportation, we have to improve the quality of the conditions that we have in Mexico and I'm sure this is going to be good for the two countries to increase our relationship to increase the economy and of course the most important to protect the environment."

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