Unsolved Odessa Murder Now a Cold Case

Unsolved Odessa Murder Now a Cold Case

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA-  For almost seven months, the Palma family has been praying for answers as to who killed their son, 39-year-old Humberto Palma, Jr. This week, the family got a frustrating phone call from detectives, officially saying they have no leads and it is now a cold case.

"It's really hard not to see my son walk through that door and say 'hi dad, I'm really home'. I can not hear that no more," said Father, Humberto Palma, Sr.

Humberto Palma, Jr. was shot and killed outside his truck at the corner of 23rd Street and Keystone Drive in Odessa. The killer, or killers. disappeared without a trace. Seven months later, Odessa Police have no leads in the case.

"It's not uncommon for these investigations to take several months or even years. This is an ongoing investigation, it's basically a cold case," said Odessa Police Cpl., Steve LeSueur.

After the Palma family got word that the case still has no leads, they became frustrated with police. They say the main detective who was working on the case left the department. The Palma family claims that's why they aren't actively looking for the murderer anymore. But police say a detective leaving the force is not the reason they turned the case cold.

"This case has been investigated by multiple detectives. It's one that will not be forgotten. We're always going to be open to it and seeking leads and tips," said LeSueur.

A family friend is a private investigator who will start looking into the murder. The grieving parents just need closure.

"If I have to die for this case, I will die to solve this case," said Humberto Palma, Sr.

"We want justice for my son. Justice for Humberto Palma," said mother, Martha Palma.

Odessa Police stress that this case is not closed and they still welcome any tips or witness to come forward as to what happened on September 29.

If you have any information, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.