Andrews City Mural Being Torn Down

Andrews City Mural Being Torn Down

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The city mural illustrates the City of Andrews. Everything from its past to what the city is best known for is depicted in the painting. However, in few short weeks, the mural will be nothing but a memory.

Christine Busch was in charge of a home-school in the Spring of 2012, when local artist Alice Leese asked if her students wanted to help paint a mural in town.

"We were excited about it being one of two things. A community project for others to enjoy since we don't have any murals here and the history of Andrews is throughout the mural for kids to learn," said Andrews Resident, Christine Busch.

The mural is on the north side of an old flooring store and the painting faces the Andrews County Courthouse.

The carpet store closed last year. Since then, the building was sold to a new buyer looking to modernize it. Unfortunately, the mural isn't apart of the new plans for the store.

"I'm all for the beautification of the city. I feel sorry for the kids who put the time and effort in putting the painting up. I think the new look will be a good thing though," said Resident, Mary Valles.

The city says the building is private and while there are mixed emotions around town, it's up to the new owner how they want the building to look. As long as they stay in the city's guidelines, the mural doesn't have to stay.

"It's a matter of a mural has a nostalgic feel to it. A new office store front will modernize that location. Both are positive enhancements, just through two different lenses" said Andrews City Manager, Glen Hackler.

While the little painters were upset to see the mural coming down, the Busch family understands all good things must come to an end.

"It's really sad to see it get torn down. I get how they want it to be a store front though," said Student Painter, Riley Busch.

"It was sad but then I had to think about it for awhile," said Student Painter, Beka Busch. 

"It's a snowman. Something to enjoy for a short time but nothing lasts forever," said Christine Busch.