Man Recovering After Being Attacked With Cinder Block, Suspect Wanted

Man Recovering After Being Attacked With Cinder Block, Suspect Wanted

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Ryan Revilla has a long way to go before he's fully recovered. He can't take deep breaths, lay on his side, or lift up anything heavy. "I lost hearing in this ear, and I don't know if you can see it," Revilla said pointing to his eye. "It was bloodshot all the way but it's kind of coming down now."

It all happened after a barbecue with friends turned into a vicious attack on March 15th. A friend had brought over a guest who Revilla didn't know. The two got into an argument at some point, but Revilla says they left it at that.

"If I would have thought it was a serious argument, I would have never turned my back on the guy. I don't know him," Revilla said.

When the party started to wind down, he thought he heard a friend pull up into the driveway. He then walked into the front yard and that's when he was attacked with a cinder block.

"I hit the trailer, fell back this way, I believe he picked it up," Revilla explained. "I was face down, I was knocked out and he slammed me on the back and broke my ribs, punctured my lung."

It didn't end there, though. The man continued to beat him up while he was unconscious.

"I don't know if he turned me around or if I turned around. I started coming back through and he was kicking me in the face with the heel of his foot, yelling--I don't remember what he was saying--I was coming in and out," Revilla said.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in the emergency room. Since the attack, Revilla has been in and out of the hospital for trouble breathing because of a collapsed lung. With a long road to recovery ahead, he says he's glad this attack wasn't any worse.

"There's some crazy people out there, you know," Revilla said. "You just can't take life for granted, because it scared the hell out of me."

Midland County Sheriff's say they are investigating this assault and it is currently an open case.

If you would like to help Revilla with medical expenses, you can click this link: