Shocking Discovery Made In Sam's Club Parking Lot in Odessa

Shocking Discovery Made In Sam's Club Parking Lot in Odessa

By Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

A shocking discovery was made in Odessa Tuesday, after Police found a body inside of a pick-up truck in the Sam's Club parking lot. Even more disturbing, it turns out, that body had been there for a while.

Witnesses claim that they had passed the truck a few times over the last few days and smelled something strange, but never suspected that there would be a body inside.

Pamela Robinson, a witness who called police, suspected something strange after walking past the truck. "We got closer and started smelling and it was like, oh that truck stinks, and my friend said, what are all those fly's in there? That's when we called it in and said there must be something in there, cause the smell, when you passed by it, just almost wanted to knock you out," Robinson said.

Robinson and Albert Cruz were on a job nearby and the smell had gotten so bad that they were almost certain that there was a dead body inside.

"Considering all the flies and the smell and all that stuff, you know there might be a dead body in there or something you know, as far as we know, we're not supposed to touch anything like that, so we just decided to call it in, call the police," Cruz said.

Once police arrived and opened the truck, they discovered that the person inside was a man, but they weren't able to identify him because of the condition of the body.

Steve LeSueur, PIO for the Odessa Police Department, said, "The body is badly decomposed and the exact age and identification of the subject are unknown at this point. But this didn't happen yesterday or the day before, it happened quite a while ago, so he's been dead for quite some time now.

Officials say that no foul play is suspected at this time, but the discovery is still a shock for people passing by.

"I mean, you don't think about stuff like that, that there's a dead body in there, you just don't, your mind doesn't work that way. But now you know, it's scary," Robinson said.

The body has been sent to Tarrant County for an autopsy to find out more on the mans identification and the cause of death. NewsWest 9 will continue to keep you updated on the the latest information regarding this investigation.