Midland Airport Seeking Volunteers For Emergency Drill

Midland Airport Seeking Volunteers For Emergency Drill

Staff Report
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MIDLAND - The Midland International Air and Space Port is giving you a chance to take part in an airport emergency drill.

Once every three years, the airport conducts a full-scale emergency exercise.

It's all under Federal Aviation Administration guidelines to test the response times and performances of law enforcement and firefighting agencies and emergency medical personnel.

During the exercise, volunteers will play the role of victims and family members and even news media.

On Tuesday, officials gave a preview of what to expect.

Officials say they want to try and have a variety of wounds on the victims the day of the exercise.

"We're looking for abrasions, different kinds of burns, mock amputations, anything that can pose a different threat. It can be as realistic as it can for that drill, both to help us, as well as to help those individuals who are required for the response to try and see how they would handle those in that realistic situation," said Nikki Abney, Airport Operations Agent.

There's about 60 volunteers right now and airport officials need around 150 to 170.

If you would like to volunteer, click here to sign up.

The exercise will be held on May 8.