Seismographs Worrying Neighbors in Midland

Seismographs Worrying Neighbors in Midland

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Many Midlanders have wondered what the yellow box-like contraptions are that have been placed around town. Their purpose is not what's above ground but below.

Fasken Oil and Ranch has asked long time Midland Company, Dawson Geophysical, to test seismic waves under parts of the city. First, they had to get permission from the city.

"Dawson Geophysical approached the City Council last October. They were looking for a permit to place these devices in the city's right of way's, which is public property," said Public Information Officer for the city of Midland, Sara Bustilloz.

The mysterious boxes have spikes that go deep into the ground to test seismic waves for the oil company. Residents that live in the designated areas were notified by a flyer that was mailed to them but not everyone got the message.

"We definitely gotten some phone calls from people who are confused. We're getting less and less as we tell people what's going on. Most people have been very understanding," said Jason Stockstill, Marketing Manager for Dawson Geophysical.

Stockstill says the seismic devices are safe and neighbors shouldn't worry.

"They should not be concerned at all. These devices are simply recording devices. They do not put out any kind of signal that would interfere  with electronics inside your home. They don't pose any risk to the homeowner, their families, their pets or their property. They're perfectly safe," said Stockstill.

The company should be done testing within two weeks.

For any further questions about the seismographs, call Dawson Geophysical at 432-684-3000.