Police Looking for Suspect in Possible Road Rage Attack

Police Looking for Suspect in Possible Road Rage Attack

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9 

MIDLAND - Road rage is something we've all witnessed and all have been apart of. "We pulled into the parking spot and she got mad at us and threw a lotion bottle at our car," Elizabeth Ayers said.

Two weeks ago, another woman found herself in a scary situation in a WalMart parking lot.

"She basically said the guy had started honking his horn. At that part she became fearful, didn't know what his issues were, so she pulls into the nearest available parking spot and runs inside to avoid any type of contact with this gentleman," Detective Anthony Goyang with the Midland Police Department (MPD) said.

Moments after she went into the store, a man can be seen on surveillance cameras wearing dark clothes. The victim said he was driving a white Ford Escort with mismatched wheels and parts. In the video, you can see him approach her car and start attacking it with an aluminum bat in plain sight of witnesses.

"She was very shaken up about it. Of course, she wished to remain anonymous in this situation and she basically wants this resolved," Detective Goyang said.

Midland Police say there hasn't been many incidents like this one, but there are isolated reports of road rage and they urge everyone to avoid angry drivers if at all possible.

"If you are being focused on by someone that's being attributed to road rage, definitely try to avoid that individual, call police, have an officer come out and defuse the situation. Too many times they do escalate into a violent situation," Sgt. Jason Lee with the Traffic Division at MPD said.

MPD also says this could either be a road rage incident or a case of mistaken identity. If you know anything about this crime, please call Midland Crime Stoppers at 694-TIPS.