New Drug Sniffing Dog to Help Authorities Find Drugs in Ward County

New Drug Sniffing Dog to Help Authorities Find Drugs in Ward County

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MONAHANS - Angus is a 2 year old black lab who will alert Sheriff Deputies in Ward County when there is an increase in drugs.

The county felt like the time was now to bring in Angus, the newest Sheriff's Deputy, that will be used to search out drugs.

"He's actually the only dog in the county. We were relying on other department's dogs," said Ward County Sheriff, Mike Strickland.

Angus will be assigned to a patrol shift and he will also be on-call to go around sniffing out drugs even making surprise visits at the county schools. With the increase in population, having a drug dog was a void that needed to be filled

"We've always had drugs. With the boom, it's been double and triple the amounts of drugs," said Strickland.

Angus was trained in New Mexico and brought to Monahans about three weeks ago. He is assigned to Deputy Michael Franco, who says Angus has been training him these last few weeks.

"I'm more or less being trained to work with the dog. I've learned his body language. Just common things that I would utilize him in the field to make us a better team," said Franco.

Franco takes Angus with him everywhere he goes and it's an opportunity that he's enjoying.

"He comes home every night. He's a part of the family," said Franco.

Because Angus was already trained, the county saved money.

"We only spent $4,000 on him. That includes training the new handler. We saved the county $10,000 from what it would have cost," said Strickland.

Because Angus is a deputy with Ward County, if ever he gets hurt or killed by someone in the line of duty, the punishment will be just as severe as if a human deputy was killed.