Church Under The Bridge Finds New Place To Call Home

Church Under The Bridge Finds New Place To Call Home

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Church Under the Bridge has officially found something permanent. The fellowship is usually a pop up church for the homeless in downtown Midland.

"This is really exciting not only for us but for the community too," said Evan Rogers, Founder of Church Under the Bridge.

After two years in the making, their dreams are finally becoming a reality. The lot off of Industrial Street is just an empty field right now, but it will be filled with a pavilion and warehouse. The church bought the property just last week.

"We're going to have our own church, which will just be a pavilion and we'll have a warehouse to store all of our clothing and food, showers, washer and dryers so they can clean their clothes," said Rogers.

The pavilion will also have pull down garage doors, which will give the homeless a warm place to sleep during the winter.

"For the people who don't have a place to go, can't get into the Salvation Army or don't have I.D. as long as they don't cause problems, we will welcome them here," said Rogers.

Rogers explained that this wouldn't be possible without the help and donations from the community. Although it's not your traditional church, it's the purpose that matters.

"There's no place in the scripture where it says you have to have walls to have church. A church is a body of believers that come together and that's what we are," said Rogers.