Former Midland ISD Substitute Teacher Sentenced to Probation

Former Midland ISD Substitute Teacher Sentenced to Probation

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MIDLAND – A former Midland ISD substitute teacher has been convicted and sentenced for assaulting three students.

64-year-old Juan Leovardo Melendez received a probation sentence of five years.

Melendez was found guilty of two counts of injury to a child and one count of assault by contact.

According to a release from the Midland County District Attorney, evidence at trial showed that Melendez worked as a substitute teacher for the fifth grade at Sam Houston Elementary School on October 14, 15 and 16, 2013.

When the full-time teacher returned, several students made disclosures about actions taken by the Defendant while he was the substitute teacher.

While Melendez worked as a substitute teacher, the defendant placed two students in what was described as a headlock or chokehold. One of these students suffered injury, while the other considered the contact offensive and was scared by it.

Additionally, the Defendant pushed his elbow into the breast of another child which caused her injury.

Seven children who were students at Sam Houston testified about their observations of what Melendez did while he was their substitute.