Fire Crews Battle 700 Acre Grassfire in Jeff Davis County

Fire Crews Battle 700 Acre Grassfire in Jeff Davis County

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

JEFF DAVIS COUNTY - Fire crews in Jeff Davis County were working around the clock to contain a huge grassfire on Crown X Ranch. Officials told NewsWest 9 that this fire is the biggest one they've seen in over two years.

"When we got there, we found about 100 acres burning in very rough terrain," said Jim Fowler, Information Officer with the Jeff Davis County Volunteer Fire Department.

The flames kept growing. Around 5 p.m. Sunday afternoon, Jeff Davis County, Marfa and Davis Mountain Resort all had crews on scene battling the blaze.

"Whenever we see smoke, we all band together and get after it," said Wiley Dabbs, Ranch Manger at Crown X Ranch.

The fire started on the Puertacitas Mountain. Fire crews said about 700 acres burned but Dabbs said he believes even more damage was done.

"Probably over 1,000 acres. Maybe more. It's hard to tell in the rough country."

Wind speeds increased overnight which caused the flames to spread. Crews worked around the clock until about noon on Monday.

Currently, the fire is burning in too rough of terrain for firefighters and their equipment. The good news is everything seems to be under control.

"The area that is burning, it's surrounded by burnt out areas that we call black. We do not expect the fire to spread. We have light winds today, slightly lower humidity and better cloud covers and cooler temperatures," said Fowler.

Wiley said they're thankful no structures or fences were burned but so much of their grass for their cattle and wildlife is gone.

"As far as the forage for the animals, the cattle and wildlife, that will be the main loss," said Wiley.

There have been reports that a solar powered water well was the cause of the fire, however, the Jeff Davis County Fire Marshal said they will not know for sure until he goes back to the scene on Tuesday.