Potholes Costing Drivers, City of Odessa Hundreds of Dollars

Potholes Costing Drivers, City of Odessa Hundreds of Dollars

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Hitting a big pothole could cost you hundreds of dollars in damage to your car. The City of Odessa and the Texas Department of Transportation are addressing the issue. They both agree that Old Man Winter is to blame.

"Recent weather conditions that we're not accustomed to in West Texas and it seems to be a more apparent problem than in years past," said Public Information Officer for the City of Odessa, Andrea Goodson.

Basin residents have even created memes poking fun at the pothole issue.

The city says there are two crews out daily repairing the potholes. They understand repairs could be costly to drivers. It's also costly for the city.

"Depending on the size of the pothole, just for the material could cost anywhere from $50 to $100. That doesn't include the hourly wages for the crews or the truck or the gasoline," Goodson said.

Auto-repair shops in Odessa have seen an increase of repairs this Spring from the roads not showing any mercy on vehicles.

"The cars these days have smaller sidewalls. They just don't handle an impact, like older vehicles would, that had larger sidewalls in them," said Manager at Forrest Tire in Odessa, Jacob Stiles.

Stiles said tires could be over $300 for some cars. The city reminds people to call them if you know where a pothole needs to be fixed. Be sure to include a cross street or a hundred block so it's easier for crews to locate. Not all streets in Odessa are the property of the city.

TxDOT is responsible for State Highways like 42nd Street and Andrews Highway. While in West Odessa, the County takes care of roads like Moss Street.

For a list of numbers that you need to call, click here.