Power Washers Believed to be High Profile Target for Thieves in the Basin

Power Washers Believed to be High Profile Target for Thieves in the Basin

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Could power washers be the new hot commodity for criminals? That's what one local company believes. They were robbed out of $14,000 worth of equipment - $12,000 for just for one power washer.

Two criminals on the hunt for a power washer were caught on camera.

"The culprit entered as if he knew exactly where everything was in our yard," said Lozoya Construction Field Supervisor, Steve Jeter.

On Saturday, close to 10:30 in the evening, the pair of criminals entered Lozoya Construction near Gardendale and made off with thousands of dollars worth of property.

What these criminals did was they went around the back side of a building in the work yard and entered a wash bay, where coincidentally there are no cameras inside. They then hooked a trailer up to their truck that had a power washer on top of it before taking off. The total damages came out to roughly $14,000.

"There were two other wheel and three power washers. Two of them in plain view of the cameras. The other one was inside the wash bay where there is no camera due to the water," said Jeter.

The truck appears to be a Toyota Tacoma TRD with a lift kit. The company is working to enhance the video to see the pair and license plate more clearly.

"At least five cameras that actually caught them and there's two very good images where we could see the people and we could see the license plate if we had a little clarity," said CFO of Lozoya Construction and Welding, Daniel Poznanter.

Evidently in the Basin, power washers are the new high profile target for thieves.

"It's a mobile wash. You can wash cars anywhere with it. I think it's a big business," said Jeter.

"When Steve contacted the company that makes the power washers in Odessa, they told him that they had had three of them stolen already recently," said Poznanter.

Those responsible could face up to two years behind bars.

If you have any information on these suspects, call 760-207-8557. You could land yourself $500 and you will remain anonymous.