N-N-OUT Convenience Store in Odessa Robbed at Gun-Point

N-N-OUT Convenience Store in Odessa Robbed at Gun-Point

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa Police are trying to track down three armed robbers that held up a convenience store Tuesday afternoon. Around 12:00 noon the three armed suspects rushed into the N-N-OUT Convenience Store located on West County Road and 10th street in Odessa demanding all of the cash in the register. Witnesses believe that this armed robbery may be connected to the one that occurred Monday night at the One Stop convenience store just blocks away.

One store clerk who wished to remain anonymous said, "They demanded for us to go to the back to my bosses office and open the door, but we didn't have the key so they left."

However, when they entered, surveillance video shows the trio splitting up. One opening the register, the second searching the store, and the last suspect holding the clerks and customers at gun point.The robbery lasted nearly two minutes.

Steve LeSueur, PIO for the Odessa Police Department, said, "They were last seen leaving northbound in a newer model white pick-up truck, just right behind the store, and then they turned East bound on Park St."

The store clerks say that just the night before, someone tried to rob them, luckily their doors were already locked. Another store just blocks away on West County Road was held up the same night.

"The one stop was also robbed I believe Monday night. But at this time we don't have any reason to believe that the two are linked," LeSueur said.

One of the suspects was last seen wearing a Batman T-shirt and black bandana over his face, the second suspect was wearing a Longhorn hoodie and black face mask, and the last was wearing a white T-shirt and a white bandana over his face.

"If anybody recognizes them from the video they're extremely aggressive. They tried last night and came back during broad daylight, so i'm sure they're not done. They'll be back," the Store Clerk said.

Police are still searching for all three suspects, if you have any information on this investigation, you're encouraged to call the Odessa Police department at 333-3641, or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.