20 Cars Burglarized Overnight in Midland

20 Cars Burglarized Overnight in Midland

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - "My wallet was missing and my glasses--my other pair of glasses--they took that and then some money I had in my console," Karl Boroski said, and he's not the only one.

Just overnight, between Sunday and Monday, roughly 20 cars were broken into in a cluster of neighborhoods in Midland. Authorities say it all happened from Wadley Avenue to Golf Course Road and east of Midkiff to A Street.

"I received a blue slip of paper on my doorknob that just said a burglary happened on a vehicle in Northtown," Ansley Craine said.

Northtown Place was hit the hardest with at least five cars broken into. Neighbors say it's always been a safe place to live, but on Monday morning they woke up to glass left behind on the streets and several items missing, such as guns, cash, and wallets. Some vehicles were even left unlocked, making it easy for the burglars to rummage through.

"Last night my son didn't lock it, it was open," Boroski said. "So I feel fortunate because not only was my stuff taken but I could have had a broken window."

Midland Police say they want to remind everyone to not leave anything valuable in the car, or at least keep items hidden in a safe location.

"If there's anything of value, like a lot of times they like GPS's, they like cell phones, they like guns--don't ever leave your gun in there. Does that happen? Yes, it does. And we don't want that to happen because we don't want the bad guys to have a gun in their hands," Sgt. Jimmy Young with the Midland Police Department said.

If you have information on these crimes, please call Midland Police at (432) 685-7108 or Midland Crime Stoppers at (432) 694-TIPS.