Big Spring Woman Speaks Out After Being Robbed at Gunpoint

Big Spring Woman Speaks Out After Being Robbed at Gunpoint

By Alexa Williams

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A woman in Big Spring is still in shock after getting robbed at gunpoint last week. She said the man said he would kill her unless she did what he demanded.

"I was scared the night of because I was afraid that his threats weren't empty. I was afraid that he was going to kill my family," Robbery Victim, 20-year-old Santana Deleon, said.

Last week, a typical stop at the gas station turned into a life or death situation for Deleon. She was walking out of the 7/11 on 11th Place on Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m.. That's when a man told her to get into her car or he was going to kill her.

"By the time I figured it out, I'm at my drivers door and he's at my passenger side door and we're looking at each other and he says get in the car," Deleon said.

Her new passenger was 35-year-old Lester Duffer.

"That's where he pulls out the .357 and he puts it to my head and he said, 'I need you to drive to the bank and I need you to take out all of the money that you can,'" Santana said.

So she drove to the Wells Fargo to take out cash.

"All I knew was that I needed to stay calm," Deleon said.

Deleon said she messed up at the ATM two times and Duffer was getting anxious.

"He was like you have one more chance to do this right or tonight isn't going to end well for you," Deleon said.

On the third try, Deleon was able to withdraw $300. They drove off but the night didn't end there.

"He was like give me your wallet. I said, 'give you my wallet, you already took all of my money!' He said, 'I don't want your wallet for your money, I want it for your license. Give me your I.D.' I said, 'why do you want that?' He said, 'so I will know where you live,'" Deleon said.

Turns out Deleon doesn't live at the address that's on her driver license. So Duffer made her drop him off two doors down from her current house.

"He said you need to wait 72 hours before you file a police report or I know where you live and I'll come back and kill your family," Deleon said.

Then Duffer got out of her car and Deleon sped away. The next day, Deleon reported what happened to police. After another similar robbery, police were able to track Duffer down and put him behind bars on aggravated robbery charges.