Family Claims City of Big Spring is Illegally Trespassing to Lay Sewer Project

Family Claims City of Big Spring is Illegally Trespassing to Lay Sewer Project

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Hosea Banks purchased property in 1947 to build streets and homes. The majority of that land was developed but a small section of that land remained vacant. Banks' grandchildren say 68 years later, the City of Big Spring is illegally trespassing.

Banks passed away almost 15 years ago. Since that time, the land has been inherited by the grandchildren, who are now in a legal dispute with the city.

The grandchildren claim they have been keeping up with the taxes and are angry the City can do what they want on their property.

"Very frustrated. I went to the city and tried to see if there was a reason to see why they are doing this. And they're not helping us at all," Granddaughter, Bernadette Young, said.

The grandchildren, Bernadette Young and her brother, Holston Banks, had multiple meetings with the City of Big Spring looking for answers.

When the work on the property wasn't stopping, the family put up no trespassing signs and even took necessary steps with the State of Texas to force the work to stop. The City's response was more harsh.

"They sued us. They also gave us a restraining order not to be on our own land," Young said.

All the grandchildren can do is watch from a distance as the city continues to bury the sewer pipes. NewsWest 9 reached out to the City of Big Spring who feels they have rights to that sector of land. In a statement to NewsWest 9, Public Works Director, Johnny Womack says:
"The City of Big Spring's contractor is proceeding with laying the sewer line in our right of way. This sewer line project will make available sewer service to the Northwest areas of I-20." 

The two parties will square off in court. Young is afraid the sewers will already be in the ground by the time they fight for the family land.

The court date is scheduled for later this week to see who has rights to the land in question.