Kermit Homes, Vehicles Spray Painted with 'Offensive Graffiti'

Kermit Homes, Vehicles Spray Painted with 'Offensive Graffiti'

By Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

KERMIT - At least 19 houses and vehicles were vandalized with red spray paint over the weekend, according to Kermit Police.

"There are probably more that haven't been reported to us yet," Officer Ariel Rodriguez with the Kermit Police Department, said.

He described the high incidence of graffiti as "very unusual for Kermit."

Common themes in the offensive artwork include smiley faces, male genitalia and "The Jokers" - or simply "TJs" - spelled out in paint.

According to police, the vandalism was primarily located in northeastern Kermit and appeared to target "random homes, cars and trucks."

NewsWest 9 spoke with an E. Waco Street resident whose husband's company truck was attacked with spray paint.

She chose to remain anonymous but said "pretty much the entire street" was targeted.

"The neighbors on both sides of the street and around the corner [on N Ave D]," she told NewsWest 9. "It was all the way from the donut shop [on N. Ave. A]."

Fortunately, the paint can be easily removed with a wide range of heavy duty cleaners.

"We used a B-12 carburetor cleaner and one of our neighbors just used Mr. Clean," she said.

The person or people behind the widespread vandalism are facing a minimum charge of criminal mischief, according to police.

"It ranges [based] on the value and the inconvenience of the homeowner or property owner," Rodriguez said. "It can range up to a felony."

Anybody with information is encouraged to contact Kermit Police at (432) 586-2577.