4 Dogs Shot, Killed in West Odessa Since Monday

4 Dogs Shot, Killed in West Odessa Since Monday

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - A seven-year-old Weimaraner named Miles was the perfect dog--gentle with kids, loving, and even greeted his owner home from Afghanistan. "He was there back when I was coming from Afghanistan out of deployment, he was always there," Jesse Murillo said.

But on Monday morning, Miles was shot point blank in the head. His owner says he found Miles with another dog who had also been shot. Murillo believes the two were playing in an open acre of land by their house, and the only two clues left behind were the tracks leading up to their bodies and two shell casings.

"It was pretty shocking," Megan Newman said. "It was very disturbing and shocking and it felt like our home was violated and our safety was violated and we didn't feel safe in our neighborhood."

"If a dog is over attacking chickens or things like that, you have a right to shoot the dog and protect your animals," Ector County Sheriff Mark Donaldson said. "You know, a dog just runs across your yard or your property and just runs across going somewhere else, you can't shoot it."

At least four dogs have been shot near Comanche Avenue and West 29th Street since Monday. One homeowner says her dog was tied up to a chain in her backyard, another was a pregnant dog.

Neighbors say they hear gunshots every night but don't believe this could be from stray bullets.

"If you've got different dogs being shot, most likely somebody knows what they're doing and they're shooting the dog," Sheriff Donaldson said.

"Miles was shot point-blank in the back of his head and the other dog was shot right in his chest," Newman said. "There was no way that it was a stray bullet, there was only two shots fired and both of them hit their mark."

If you have any information on those responsible for this animal cruelty, please call the Ector County Sheriff's Office at 432-335-3050.