Animal Advocacy Group Looking Out of State to Save Dogs From Being Euthanized

Animal Advocacy Group Looking Out of State to Save Dogs From Being Euthanized

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Trying to find a home for stray dogs is the mission for Yellow Rose Animal Rescue. Whether it's local or out of state, getting the dogs adopted has to happen before their time is up.

"The local animal shelter is full and often times the Humane Society is full. The dogs are coming in quicker than they're finding homes," Kristen Partee, Co-Founder and President of Yellow Rose Animal Rescue, said.

Partee knew there was an overcrowding dog problem in Big Spring. She helped to start Yellow Rose Animal Rescue last June. The goal is to save them from being put down after three days of being at the animal shelter.

"When you drop that dog off with the animal control, they're on a time clock. There is an hourglass that's ticking from the moment they get there," Partee said.

The Animal Shelter denied an on camera interview but Joanna Taylor at the shelter confirmed there is just no room for all the dogs coming in. Some have to be euthanized after 72 hours. A harsh reality in many West Texas towns.

"These are Big Spring's dogs. This is our problem. This is our community. Why is our community not able to do more?" Partee said.

Yellow Rose took to social media to send dogs out of state to other advocacy groups who want them. Great Plains S.P.C.A. out of Kansas City Missouri was one of those groups. They took 44 dogs from Yellow Rose earlier this week. Allowing some dogs to get a new lease on life.

"Surprisingly about four of them have already been adopted. They were adopted very quickly," Courtney Thomas, President and CEO of Great Plains S.P.C.A., said.

Great Plains understands the importance of helping out all dogs who strive for that loving home, even if that means coming to West Texas.

"It takes everyone working together to create a successful outcome for homeless pets in our community. To us, our community expands far beyond Kansas City," Thomas said.

For more information on Yellow Rose Animal Rescue, just search Yellow Rose Animal Rescue on Facebook.