State Sheriff's Association On Board With Open Carry Law

State Sheriff's Association On Board With Open Carry Law

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - All 254 Texas County Sheriffs are part of the Texas Sheriff Association. The Association came out and supported the State Senate in passing the Open Carry Bill. The bill will allow licensed gun holders to open carry handguns. Something that Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter, has been on board with all along.

"I am totally in favor of open carry especially when they tie it to training, education and qualification," Painter said.

Painter says education is key when passing a law this big.

"You have a better informed public. A better public that will make use of the weapon in a proper manner," Painter said.

Painter agrees not all 254 Sheriffs agree with the Association's publicized support. He says different opinions is what makes a democracy.

"You have difference of opinion on everything. Just like in a home, a man and his wife, you have difference of opinion but you get along with each other," Painter said.

The next step is to send the Bill over to the Texas House to be voted on. Then, last but not least, Governor Abbott is expected to sign it into law. A process that Painter feels will be done in a short time.

"He will sign it. He will put into law. I don't think there will be a question about it. I support it," Painter said

Painter says the Sheriff's Association has been in support of open carry handguns for some time. He wasn't surprised when they publicly announced their support.