Multiple Dogs Found Shot Dead in West Odessa

Multiple Dogs Found Shot Dead in West Odessa

By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

WEST ODESSA - Residents in West Odessa are uneasy after finding several dogs shot dead.

It's all happening near the intersection of Comanche Avenue and West 29th Street in Ector County.

Some homeowners discover their dogs are missing, others return home from work to find their dogs shot dead.

The recent shooting spree began on Monday.

"My neighbor came to ask me if I knew what happened to his dog because someone shot it," West Odessa resident, Rosa Ramos, said.

Some dogs were left to die while chained up outside their home.

"[My husband] saw a pregnant dog that was expecting puppies that was shot dead," Ramos said.

Ramos keeps her dogs fenced in the yard or inside her home. Within the past couple of days, her dog, Kumar, jumped the fence.

Just minutes after our interview, Ramos's husband found their dog dead from a gunshot wound near Comanche and 29th.

"It's not right what's happening and we're scared. For those of us who have dogs, we're scared. Dogs are disappearing," Ramos said.

Rene Manzano manages a business on the intersection of Comanche and 29th Street.

"I've seen a few guys there looking for their dogs and they have found their dogs dead in the bushes. They say they had bullets in their heads or on their bodies," Manzano said.

He agrees with neighbors that gunshots are heard on a daily basis in the area. He says many dog owners will dump their animals in the county, leaving many running loose in heavy traffic.

"We used to have sometimes 20-30 dogs walking into our yard and I don't know where all of these dogs were coming from," Manzano said.

No one has a description of the criminals.

Animal Control tells NewsWest 9, they have no reports of dogs being shot near this intersection.

If you have any details on those responsible for this animal cruelty, call the Ector County Sheriff's Office at (432) 335-3050.