Odessa Mother Fires 'Warning Shot,' Prevents Home Invasion

Odessa Mother Fires 'Warning Shot,' Prevents Home Invasion

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Jonathan Lee McDonald, 35, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass Tuesday morning, after causing a disturbance at Daron Barnes's Winchester Ave home.

She and her two-year-old daughter were home alone when a "suspicious man" showed up at their front door around 9:30 a.m.

"He wouldn't stop knocking on the front door, then he broke through our fence to get into the backyard and started trying to get through our back door," Barnes told NewsWest 9. "I ran to get my husband's gun [and] fired a warning shot into the air."

She said "mother's instinct" pushed her to do whatever was necessary to protect her daughter.

McDonald, realizing she was in the house and armed with a gun, allegedly fled on foot.

"Odessa Police were able to catch the suspect in the alley," said Cpl. Steve LeSueur. "That suspect was charged with criminal trespassing. He also had a couple warrants out for his arrest."

NewsWest 9 confirmed McDonald was wanted for at least two other misdemeanors.

He allegedly told police he had been going door to door in Barnes's neighborhood Tuesday morning, asking for gas money.

"[His son] looked 12 to 15 years old," said Barnes. "I felt really bad... I didn't know if I did the right thing. He had to see his dad get arrested and other things a child shouldn't see."

However, she said she was "grateful" no one was injured - especially because criminals have targeted their neighborhood multiple times.

"My husband and I have lived here for three years and I've had a dog taken out of my backyard that I was trying to foster, his truck's been broken into [and his truck has been] stolen. It looks like a quiet neighborhood and the neighbors are great, but something really needs to be done here."