Midland Residents Also Claiming Vandals Shot Out Windows

Midland Residents Also Claiming Vandals Shot Out Windows

By Kim Powell
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Guadlupe Medellin bought his truck 30 years ago, but on Tuesday morning he woke up to find his driver side window completely shattered. "I bought it in November 1986 and I paid 17,500 dollar cash brand new," Medellin said. "Now it's probably $3,000 now."

He is just one of several people in Midland who became victim of an overnight crime spree. Police received at least 10 reports of the same problem in the southwest part of Midland since Monday night. It's believed that whoever is doing this is driving around shooting at windows with a BB gun, but there haven't been any reports of theft.

"Nothing was stolen. I had a radar detector and a pistol in the console and nothing was stolen, so it's kind of weird," Austin Kuenstler, another victim of the crime spree, said.

However, the vandals still have some residents on edge.

"A little uncomfortable knowing you're not quite as safe at home, but I'm just happy they didn't take anything or steal anything--made it a lot better," Kuenstler said. "But yeah, it's kind of cowardly to break someone's window and just drive off."

In fact, it's also happening in Odessa. Since Sunday night, Odessa Police have gotten 23 reports of both car and home windows being shot out. So now both Odessa and Midland authorities are looking for any answers to put an end to this string of vandalism.

"If anybody that has a security camera that might have caught the suspects, we just want people to help their neighbor out and let's catch these guys or girls, let's catch these suspects and put them in jail," Sgt. Jimmy Young with the Midland Police Department said.

If you have any information on these crimes, please call either Midland or Odessa police departments.