Tire Company Out Thousands of Dollars After Hot Checks Won't Cash

Tire Company Out Thousands of Dollars After Hot Checks Won't Cash

by Justin Kree

News West 9

MIDLAND - Buying 16 tires for a semi-truck isn't cheap. Freeman Tire Company in Midland found that out the hard way. Now, they're looking for those responsible for using hot checks to buy tires.

A call came in to Freeman Tire Company last week to purchase 16 semi tires at a cost of over $7,500. Something seemed suspicious when those who placed the order wanted the tires be delivered to a service station off 22nd Street and West County Road in Odessa.

"For something that's this much dollar amount, I'd prefer them come to the office," Tire Manager at Freeman Tire Company, Michael Perez, said.

On Saturday, two men and a woman came to pick up the tires. Taking two truck loads to complete their order. On Monday morning, the checks wouldn't cash.

"We called Monday when the banks opened up to verify funds, they told her they were closed accounts," Perez said.

Two hot checks of $3,843 were given to Freeman's. The suspects got away with the 16 free tires. The company learned a lesson the hard way.

"When somebody wants to buy something worth that dollar amount, I would say be careful. You want to make sure you get your money. Apparently this isn't the first time they've done this," Perez said.

The surveillance video shows an older man in his 60's and a younger man in his mid-30's. They are driving a red older model Chevy pick-up with license plate number BJ6-1099.

The woman is seen inside the store talking to the secretary. Perez texted the suspect's cell phone to reach out before filling a police report.

"No response and then they disconnected the cell phone. I was willing to give them the chance to make things right with us," Perez said.

If you have any information on these three suspects, you are urged to call the Midland Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office told NewsWest 9 that because the amount was over $1,500, these individuals could be facing felony charges.