Texas Senate Approves Open Carry For Handguns

Texas Senate Approves Open Carry For Handguns

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

Texans may soon be able to carry their guns out in the open. The Texas Senate approved an open carry bill on Tuesday that would allow licensed gun holders the right to open carry handguns. Now, the Texas House has to vote.

Texas has allowed concealed carry of handguns since 1995 but recently there's been a push for open carry. Many locals NewsWest 9 spoke with say they're all for it.

"I'm a big fan of the second amendment. I grew up in New York where you don't have any second amendment rights. I was in the military and once I left the military, I couldn't bring my fire arms back with me to New York so that's one of the main reasons I came down here," Resident, Philippe Warren, said.

But some are still on the fence. Eduardo Flores, another local, said this push isn't about gun rights but rather intimidation.

"It's a little intimidating. Just visually seeing it, especially if you're walking around with your family or something and you see someone with a gun," Flores said.

Texas is just one of six states that doesn't allow the open carry of handguns. Governor Greg Abbott has already said if the bill makes it to his desk, he'll sign it into law. If or when this goes into law, licensing would be the same as concealed handguns. Texans would have to go through background checks and classroom and firing range instruction.

"I like the ability to have it whenever you need it because there are different situations and you just never know," Resident, Gordon Spruill, said.