Scottish-Irish Faire Held at Midland County Horseshoe

Scottish-Irish Faire Held at Midland County Horseshoe

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MIDLAND - Residents went out to the Midland County Horseshoe in Midland on Saturday to celebrate the Scottish-Irish Faire and Highland Games.

There was live music, workshops and contests.

If you're brave, you could even try some traditional Scottish food, like haggis.

This is the first year for the Highland Games.

The games are a series of contests to see how strong you are.

The most popular event is tossing the caber.

"Tossing the caber is what most people call throwing the telephone pole, because they get underneath it, they balance it. they have to make it roll one time in the air and their judged by exactly where it falls in front of them. The closer to straight on the closer to winning," Scottish-Irish Faire Director, Roy Raney, said.

The Faire will be held from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Tickets at the gate are $16 for adults and $6 dollars for kids ages 6-12.

Children under six get in for free.