Caught on Camera: Subway Robber Asks for Job, Takes Off With Cash

Caught on Camera: Subway Robber Asks for Job, Takes Off With Cash

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Every time we run a "Caught on Camera" segment, everyone always says, "go get a job!" but this time, that's exactly what this robber seemed to have in mind.

He walked into the Subway on E. University back in November, dressed and ready for an interview--well, maybe not. After talking to the employees about how to apply, he asks if he can buy a cookie. In the video, you can see an employee take him to the register and pick out his midnight snack.

Right when the woman pops open the register, he reaches over the counter to grab some cash. "In the video you can clearly see him reach across and grab at the money," Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers said. "It startles her and she's pushing him back, I mean there's a little tussle that goes on right there."

Little did this guy know, he was messing with a real woman. In the left corner we have a suspect with a sweet tooth, in the right corner we have the employee of the month.

"Of course this is something that could have really gone bad. This is a robbery," Rogers said. "We want the public aware of these things if you're working in these establishments and it's late, be aware of some of the things going on."

The suspect makes a break for it out the door with the cash in hand and knocks over another employee on his way out. The workers chased him into a parking lot nearby and say he left in a white newer model Ford 4-door.

Employees say they don't think this is the first time the Subway bandit has made off with their cash and hope he gets caught soon.

"That's one of those outfits that he probably wears all the time and somebody's going to see this and know exactly who this guy is," Rogers said.

A little advice: if you're asking about a job, don't dress in a plaid shirt and red sweat pants, and maybe--just maybe--they'll hire you and you won't have to get in a tussle over a cookie.

If you think you recognize this man, please call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS and you may get a cash reward.