Medical Center Hospital Becomes Medicaid License Holder for Parks Health Center

Medical Center Hospital Becomes Medicaid License Holder for Parks Health Center

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Parks Methodist Retirement Village emerged from bankruptcy on March 1. Now, the facility is known as the Parks Health Center. They're partnering up with Medical Center Hospital to hopefully get more Medicaid dollars coming through their doors.

The program called Minimum Payment Amount Program is something that public hospitals and private nursing homes do all over the country.

"This program allows us to be that partner for the Parks Health Center so they can have access to federal funds that are meant to improve quality and put some money back into the home. Its goal is to work on patient programs and resident programs," John O'Hearn, Executive Director of Planning and Development at MCH, said.

Parks Health Center reached out to the hospital last summer and recently the Ector County Hospital District Board of Directors unanimously agreed to be the medicaid holder, allowing the medicaid residents at Parks to feel more comfortable.

"We want the residents to feel more like this is their home than an institution," Chad Waite, Executive Director for Parks Health Center, said.

The extra federal dollars that will be coming in will improve the 90 Medicaid bed nursing home. Down the road, there is talk to add a physician assistant to be on staff at Parks, instead of sending the residents to the hospital. Overall, the new public-private partnership is good for the community.

"The system goes both ways. We need them and they need us. The better the communication is, the better for their residents who are also our patients," O'Hearn said.

"We work together already, sending patients to Medical Center Hospital. So we looked at this as a positive way to open up communication and deliver better care for everybody in our community," Waite said.