Andrews Police Department Gets First Ever K-9 Unit

Andrews Police Department Gets First Ever K-9 Unit

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The Andrews Police Department just gained a new member of their squad but this officer is a little more "furrier" than most. After a generous donation, the department was able to purchase their first ever K-9 unit. His name is Yager.

"Chevron donated the money for the dog," Officer Shawn Kelley said.

Officer Kelley is Yager's owner. The pair went through an eight week training course in Kentucky before hitting the streets of Andrews.

"Wherever I go, he's with me on duty. We go two or three times a day to run him, exercise him and play with his ball. It just depends on if a call comes in if he's deployed or not." Kelley said.

Even though he's only been officially a part of the force for about two months, his sniffing skills have already come in handy. Kelley said they've already tracked down a criminal.

"We got a call of a guy who had stolen from a local park. We tracked for four blocks. While we were tracking up to the house, we found the purse that was associated with the victim. He tracked up to a house where the suspect was at," Kelley said.

Yager even has an official uniform of his own. Thanks to another generous donation from a local rancher, he'll be sporting more than just a collar.

"It's a vest. It's bullet protection and stab protection," Kelley said.

The Andrews Police Department said they're excited about their new furry member and you can expect to see Yager out fighting crime like the rest of them.

"He's one of us now and he's really good," Kelley said.