Three Men Killed in Upton County Oil Rig Explosion

Three Men Killed in Upton County Oil Rig Explosion

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

UPTON COUNTY: On Tuesday morning, some kind of oil rig explosion happened in north Upton County off of FM 2401.

The Upton County Sheriff's office tells NewsWest 9, three people died. Although officials have not released the names, family members told NewsWest 9 Rojelio Salgado, Arturo Martinez Sr. and Arturo Martinez Jr. were killed. We're told all three men were related. Officials say there was a fourth man on site but he was not transported. They were all working for Mason, a pulling unit company, that was contracted by Parsley Energy.

"Right now everything is in the preliminary stages. We don't know exactly what happened. We don't know what caused the explosion," Dusty Kilgore, Investigator with the Upton County Sheriff's Office, said.

OSHA is expected to arrive but the investigation will be at stand still until it's safe for officials to be on site.

"Right now, the scene is unsafe for anyone to be on there besides fire department crew. As soon as some safety crews from another oilfield company get here to make sure it's safe to get on location then we'll finish the investigation," Kilgore said.