Mom Wants to Warn Other Parents About 10 Second Game

Mom Wants to Warn Other Parents About 10 Second Game

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - A video of two boys fighting in a crowded bathroom at Ector Junior High School last week is making its way around social media. One of the boys ended up getting a concussion in what everyone is calling the "10 second game," which is a fight to see who can take the most punches in 10 seconds.

"The eye inside is kind of torn and when he closes it, he bleeds out. This is swollen and out," Geneva Baeza, the boy's mother said while pointing to her face. "He's got a big bruise right here, all the way here, he's got a bunch of knots in his head."

School officials say a teacher saw about ten boys go into the bathroom together and knew something was happening. They got another teacher and went into the bathroom and found the boys fighting and broke it up. The 13-year-old was taken to the office and said he began to not feel well. The school district says that he was taken to the nurse's office and examined but said there didn't appear to be any symptoms of a concussion at the time. However, the boy's mom says her son was unrecognizable when she picked him up.

"When she brought my son to me, I freaked out. I couldn't believe it. They were holding him and they brought him and set him down and he was just loose, his body was like loose and he just through himself back," Baeza said.

After taking him to the hospital, the 7th grader is now spending his spring break recovering from a concussion, something his mom says could have been avoided if kids didn't play this game. Baeza also says she had never even heard of the game before this all happened.

"They just keep everything in their Instagram phone books and we don't even know 'til they showed me and I freaked out. I even got onto my son and said, 'this is not right, y'all can get hurt by doing this, it's not funny,'" Baeza said.

His mother also says that since the fight, those involved have been bragging about it on social media and she's even had to report some threats to the Odessa Police Department.

The school district also released a statement saying that all ten boys involved in the incident will be receiving some sort of disciplinary action.