Top Plays: March 2nd-8th

Top Plays: March 2nd-8th

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Top Play 3-Coming in at number 3 it's Grady vs Borden county. Beau lucas with the And 1 Mixtape crossover...and he nails the triple while he's at it. Grady would go on to win this game, 68-41.

Top Play 2- Number 2, Big Spring and Lubbock Estacado. Keishawn Broussard throws a fire ball down court and Kolten Knudson gets the hoop and the harm on the other end. However the Steers would lose this game 68-52.

Top Play 1-At number 1, UTPB and St. Edwards on Friday. Malcolm Hill pulls a Kenneth Faried with a Manimal style jam, however, the Falcons would lose this game 78-70 ending their season.