Boy Going Blind Visits West Texas Attractions on His Bucket List

Boy Going Blind Visits West Texas Attractions on His Bucket List

Zora Asberry
NewsWest 9

FORT DAVIS - Ben Pierce, a 10 year old boy, spent the last few days visiting attractions in West Texas and New Mexico knocking a few things off of his bucket list. On Saturday, he visited Fort Davis to see the McDonald Observatory.

Ben Pierce is gradually going blind. So he and his family made a bucket list of all the things he wanted to see and the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis is one of them.

"A very kind telescope operator contacted us and found out we were coming to the McDonald Observatory and let us check out the telescope which was incredible, just amazing," Ben's father, Kit Pierce, said.

The bucket list was all part of creating lasting memories for Ben.

"We we're told when he was very young to start doing visual memories so he can know what these things look like when he completely loses his vision. So now that he's nine, ten years old, we're able to take him out and give him these experiences that he will remember for the rest of his life." Kit Pierce said.

Ben had the chance to see more things in a week than most people may see in a lifetime.

"I hope that children understand the amazing things that they're able to see and experience. People don't get to just walk up and go look at a telescope like we did. Maybe someday they'll realize how incredible these opportunities truly have been for all of them," Kit Pierce said.

Ben and his family made the most out of their trip in West Texas by visiting attractions in Midland, the Monahans sand dunes, Balmorhea and lastly the McDonald Observatory.

"We had no idea we could knock so many things off his list in one shot. The McDonald Observatory is the last thing we're going to do before we have to go pack up and head back to our real lives," Kit Pierce said.

The family tells NewsWest 9, now that Ben's bucket list of West Texas attractions are complete, the family will be heading home on Sunday.