Former Hobbs Doctor Being Sued After Allegedly Assaulting a Teen

Former Hobbs Doctor Being Sued After Allegedly Assaulting a Teen

by Zora Asberry

NewsWest 9

LEA COUNTY - A Hobbs doctor is facing a lawsuit after he allegedly attacked a teenager in his office. NewsWest 9 recently covered a story on Premier OB-GYN that closed their doors and then re-opened. Dr. Said and his wife happen to be a partners of the practice, Premier OB-GYN, in Hobbs.

Dr. Elias Said was a former Lea Regional Medical Center Doctor prior to the incident where he allegedly assaulted a 17-year-old boy who was seeking psychological care.

Joe Zebas, the attorney representing the teen and his family, said, "We represent a family on behalf of a child that was presented to the emergency room of Lea Regional Medical Center. He was going through some emotional problems, seeking possible psychiatric care and then he became apparently disruptive."

The assault reportedly took place on January 31 when the teen's mother dropped him off after he had expressed suicidal behaviors. The teen allegedly became disruptive and Dr. Said immediately began to charge at him. 

"The doctor grabbed him, threw him in a room and grabbed him by his neck and slammed his head against the wall several times," Zebas said. 

But the teen isn't the first assault victim under Dr. Said's care. Another victim, by the name Carla Benford, claims a similar situation happened to her after she had visited Dr. Said in the Lea Regional Medical Center Emergency Room. 

"On January 20, I had an issue in the emergency room with Dr. Said as well. He said you're out of control, he grabbed me by my arms and the nurse grabbed me by my chest and stomach and they slammed me down on the bed and injected me with a medicine called
Ativan," Benford said. Ativan is a drug that treats anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Dr. Said and the CEO of the Lea Regional Medical Center, Tim Thornell, did not want to comment, but the Medical Center did issue a statement regarding the incident, stating, "Dr. Said practiced in our emergency department but he was not an employee and is no longer practicing at our hospital. Because he is now involved in litigation with other parties, we decline any further comment at this time."

"I believe that the defendant doctor has been in contact with an attorney. I don't know what the extent of representation is going to be from that attorney, but once the lawsuit has been served, the discovery process will take place and from that point we'll be able to determine what the history is of the doctor, interview witnesses under oath and find out truly what happened regarding the allegations in question," Zebas said.

The case is just in the beginning stages, NewsWest 9 will keep you updated on the latest developments of this case as they become available.