Coahoma Students Speak Out After Tragic Sledding Accident Leaves Student Seriously Injured

Coahoma Students Speak Out After Tragic Sledding Accident Leaves Student Seriously Injured

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

COAHOMA - The small town of Coahoma is coming together to help one of their own. Last week, a high school student was seriously injured in a sledding accident and the community is doing anything they can to help.

"I wouldn't consider him my friend. Garett is more of a brother to me. I've known him my whole life," Brody Coates, Garett's teammate and longtime friend, said.

Garett Parish is a senior at Coahoma High School. This year, he was captain of the football team and an outfielder for the baseball team.

"He was always a big part of our team. He's the guy that leads us out when we're coming out to the field. He was the last guy to stand up and talk to them before we left the locker room," Trey Gardner, Athletic Director at Coahoma High School, said.

Last week, Garett was in a sledding accident in Big Spring. The details of the accident are still unknown but NewsWest 9 learned that he suffered a spinal injury.

"I mean I was there when it happened and I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I mean everyone thinks it won't happen to them. This is one of those things you see happen in movies," Coates said.

Garett's teammates tell NewsWest 9 that he's a leader on and off the field and now they're coming together to help him after he's done so much for them. 

"The school is selling bracelets and they are $5.00 and Flo-Lite is selling t-shirts that are $20.00 and we have the Western Bank Fund for the Parrish family" Teammate, Brayden Thompson, said. 

"He's always been there for me if I needed him, so once he gets out, if he needs anything there's tons of people not just in this town but everywhere that will always be there for him," Christian Vanwey, another teammate and friend, said.

Although Garett will be be off the field for awhile, his friends said they're still cheering him on and praying for a fast recovery. 

"Stay strong and keep pushing through it. I know you'll get better. We're all rooting for you and we love you," Vanwey said.

"I love him. I live him more than a lot of people on this earth," Coates said.

"I know you can make it. You're a strong dude," Thompson said.

If you would like to donate, an account has been set up at Western Bank under Garett Parrish Fund.