Midland Man Arrested for Attempted Capital Murder Following Deputy-Involved Shooting

Midland Man Arrested for Attempted Capital Murder Following Deputy-Involved Shooting

By: Julia Deng
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Nathan Guy Kelley, 36, was arrested Sunday and charged with three counts of attempted capital murder of a peace officer, according to Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter.

The incident began when Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Kelley's residence on FM 307 at 2:30 a.m. following a 911 call regarding a disturbance at the home and a "man with a gun."

"Upon arrival in the area, deputies were notified that a male subject, the owner of the residence... was intoxicated [and] creating a disturbance and had pointed the weapon at his wife," Painter said in an e-mailed statement. "The deputies took up positions around the residence and called for the on-duty Mental Health Deputy."

According to officials, deputies heard gunshots inside the home at 3:03 a.m., prompting them to call out a SWAT team.

One minute later, they heard another round of shots fired in the house but "did not return fire because a 5-year-old child was inside the residence," Painter said.

Deputies reportedly attempted to contact the armed suspect and, "tried talking [him] out of the residence, with no results."

Kelley later emerged and walked into his garage, armed with an AR-15 rifle.

Two deputies ordered him to drop the weapon and put his hands up.

Instead, Kelley "raised the AR-15 rifle toward the two deputies," according to Painter.

He confirmed they fired shots from their 45-caliber side arms, "striking Kelley in the right cheek and left thigh."

Kelley was transported to Midland Memorial Hospital and treated for "non-life threatening" injuries.

His condition was last listed as stable.

The two deputies involved in the shooting - whose identities have not been released - were placed on paid administrative leave, pending results of an investigation led by the Texas Rangers.