Fire Officials Quickly Extinguish Kitchen Fire in Coahoma

Fire Officials Quickly Extinguish Kitchen Fire in Coahoma

By Mike Henry
KBYG Radio – Special to NewsWest 9

COAHOMA – Howard County Volunteers and Big Spring firefighters quickly responded to a kitchen fire in Coahoma on Saturday evening around 5 p.m.

No one was hurt and the three bedroom home at 301 Wood is still habitable due to a fast response from the homeowner and HCVFD firefighters, who were on the scene in about three minutes after the original call.

Officials say the fire began as a stovetop grease fire that quickly got up into the wall and cabinets.

Upon first discovering the initial kitchen blaze, the homeowner was able to use a small dry chemical extinguisher to suppress the flames and firefighters later used water to further extinguish any remaining fire.

HCVFD Chief Tommy Sullivan tells KBYG News that the lesson here is that homeowners should never leave their cooking unmonitored.

Also, a quick response from everyone, including the homeowner, to the immediate arrival of firefighters kept this situation from becoming a tragedy.

Sullivan also reminds folks to never throw water onto a grease fire, which can take a bad situation and make it much more harmful.